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"Ichifune-San," the professor announced, "Would you like to step up to the front of the classroom and give your report?"  
"Right..." Jakirin replied, walking to the front of the class.  

Wait... report?  She wasn't supposed to give any report today.  She wasn't even sure if she was supposed to be in class today.  

"Hello, my name is Jakirin, and today I will be giving my report on..." she began, then looked down at the papers in her hand.  She couldn't make out her own writing... nor could she remember what she had written.  "... My report on..." she tried again, stalling for time.  
"Your report on us," the teacher explained.  
"Oh, right, my report on you," Jakirin concluded.  

Wait, that didn't make any sense... was this some kind of elaborate prank?  

"Uh... any questions?" Jakirin asked, not sure what she was doing.  

Much to Jakirin's relief, a hand shot up.  "Yes?  You there..." she inquired, pointing at the silver haired girl that had her hand up.  
"Jaki-Kun," the pretty girl inquired, "How long have we had space-travel for?"  
"That's a good question," Jakirin replied, "I... I think we've had it for about..."
"Just over 500 years," the teacher interrupted, "But we've only had interstellar capabilities for about half that long."  


...  No, wait, that couldn't be right... Earth only started making devices capable of extra-planetary travel in the mid 20th century, and the earliest FTL experiments weren't until the 21st.  Heck, although some people had started hitching rides with aliens before then, the first interstellar journey on a fully man-made vehicle was arguably her own voyage on the Ichifune, and that wasn't until the 90s, for crying out loud.  Those numbers weren't even CLOSE...  

... Unless... they were talking about something else?  

Another hand went up before Jakirin had a chance to finish figuring things out.  "Yes?" she inquired.  
A girl with a surprisingly large amount of jewelry spoke.  "Jaki-Kun," the woman inquired, "Back in the ancient times, who was the heir to the throne in the third generation of the rulers of the Seella Tribe?"  
"Well..." Jakirin began, but quickly realized she had no idea whatsoever what the girl was talking about.  
"Ahh, yes, good old Princess Nally.  That was a good question," the teacher answered.  
"Right..." Jakirin replied, a bit unsure how to feel that the teacher kept stepping in for her.  

A third hand was raised... another question for Jakirin to answer.  "Yes?  You?" she asked, hoping she'd do a bit better this time.  
"Jaki-Kun," this time it was a cute, golden-haired boy that reminded her a lot of her husband, Kale, "I like your underwear."  
Jakirin paused, then looked down.  With a slight yelp, she realized she was dressed in nothing but her panties and tank-top.  Where were the rest of her clothes?  

... And how had she made it this far without realizing that this was all she was wearing?  Was someone messing with her head somehow?  She had heard it did sometimes happen... some psychically gifted alien decided to mess with a Tsukaiten student... but that was extraordinarily rare.  

Jakirin didn't have time to finish figuring things out.  Another hand went up.  "Yes?" Jakirin pointed with one hand while placing the other in front of herself, making an awkward attempt to cover while still acting casual.  
"Jaki-Kun," the girl inquired, Jakirin noted she was quite short and had an exotic skin-coloration, "What percentage of the population is male?"  
Jakirin paused awkwardly for a moment... that was a silly question.  "Uh... half," Jakirin replied, then realizing it might not be quite as silly as she had initially taken it for, "Well, ok, technically it's very slightly less than half... women tend to live longer than men, on average.  But it's still more than 49-..."  
"One quarter, to be precise," the teacher chimed in, cutting Jakirin short, "Although it's less about lifespan as it is birth rate... most of us are just born women.  Not that there's anything wrong with being born male, some of my best friends were men."  

Jakirin paused and nodded slowly.  Actually, she could vaguely remember hearing that somewhere.  "Right, one quarter," she confirmed.  

Another hand went up.  This time it was a girl with short, copper-green hair.  "Yes?" Jakirin asked.  
"Jaki-Kun," the girl inquired, "Can you show us your breasts?"  
Jakirin froze.  

... Right, she was still in just her underwear.  Still, that was a REALLY forwards question.  On the one hand, she respected the girl for being that bold.  On the other, she didn't particularly feel like showing her class-mates and professor her breasts.  At least, not like this... and certainly not all at once.  

"I'm not sure that's an appropriate-..." Jakirin replied, but was interrupted when the professor walked over to her and grabbed her tank-top.  
With one smooth move the older woman swept Jakirin's shirt off of her body, Jakirin barely even having a chance to struggle, and certainly no opportunity to stop the garment from being taken from her.  Jakirin quickly threw both arms across her sizable chest and watched helplessly as the teacher carried the pilfered garment back to the corner where she had been standing.  Jakirin blushed deeply as she heard wolf-whistles come from multiple corners of the room... the day had started out embarrassing and was only getting more intense by the minute.  

Although Jakirin had to admit... if she had to be exposed like this, at least it was a relatively nice group of people to be exposed to.  

At any rate, she was determined to finish her presentation... whatever it was supposed to be on.  "Any more questions?" she inquired, biting her lip a bit.  
A hand went up, a girl with hair split into three separate braids.  "Yes?" Jakirin asked.    
"Jaki-Kun," the girl inquired, "What's the most dominant religion amongst our culture?"  
"Well... if by religion you specifically mean organized religion, then I'd have to say..." Jakirin began, but was once again interrupted by the professor.  
"Ancestral Worship," the teacher explained, and then pointed at Jakirin's chest to add, "But... you already know that, don't you?"  
Jakirin looked down... although she had lost her top, she was still wearing the necklace her husband had given her the day they escaped from the space-pirate Isharra... a massive, beautiful, glowing pink pearl surrounded by smaller blue gems, held together by golden bands and connected to her neck by a long string.  Somehow that item was important.  Why was it important?  

Jakirin didn't have time to figure it out, as another hand went up, this time a girl with extraordinarily long hair.  "Yes?"
"Jaki-Kun, what's a popular means of celebrating somebody's 25th birthday?"  
"Well, um..." Jakirin began, but was once again interrupted by the teacher.  
"SEX!" the professor giddily chimed in.  
"What about a famous historical means of finalizing a peace treaty?"  
Jakirin didn't even get a chance to begin a reply.  "SEX!" the professor answered.  
"An act often accompanying a particularly lucrative trade-deal between businesses?"  
"SEX, SEX, SEEEX!" the teacher replied, shaking her hips in a flirty little dance as she answered.  

Jakirin had already been blushing, considering both her circumstances and her lack of attire, but that particular chain of questions made it pretty clear she was also being teased... although she couldn't help but feel the answers checked out.  

After a moment, another hand was raised, this time it was the same silver-haired girl that had asked the first question.  "Y-Yes?" Jakirin inquired.  
"Did you know your panties have fallen?" the girl asked.  
Jakirin looked down, and her blush grew even more intense.  Sure enough, her underwear was at her ankles.  She could feel the cool school air against her skin.  It... wasn't unpleasant, physically speaking, and in a way she couldn't help but find a bit of playful amusement at her surreal situation, but she could also feel her blush deepening.  

Jakirin briefly bent over to try to retrieve her panties, but suddenly stood back up when she heard a loud "CLICK" noise from behind her.  Turning her head Jakirin realized the professor had snuck up behind her and, with what looked like some sort of large and archaic camera, taken a picture of her butt.  Another series of clicking noises came from cameras in the students' hands, and Jakirin suddenly realized she had just left her front uncovered.  Where had all those cameras come from?  

Folding one arm across her chest and the other across her crotch, Jakirin shuffled back to the wall, then proceeded to crouch down to retrieve her panties.  Jakirin was initially very careful to keep her legs together as she crouched, but it proved to be in vain as she felt a long, hooked cane grab her by the knee and pull her legs apart, putting her in a position where now even her sex was on display.  More cameras went off before the cane released Jakirin, allowing her to snap her legs back together.  Where had that come from?  

Jakirin looked over at the professor suspiciously.  She couldn't see the cane itself, but the older woman was holding her hands behind her back and whistling innocently.  So... that would have to be it, then, she figured.  

Jakirin realized there was nothing she could do about it, so she looked back down to finish retrieving her panties... only to find they weren't around her ankles anymore.  Frantically, Jakirin searched the room with her eyes.  Did she accidentally step out of them?  

... No, they were nowhere near any place she'd been since their initial descent.  In fact, impossibly, they had somehow made their way under a desk in the far end of the room.  Jakirin cast a quick look to the professor, which gave her a smile, as if to say "go ahead", and then proceeded to make her way across the room on all fours...  

... In hindsight, she wasn't entirely sure why she was staying on all fours, as it added a certain extra indignity to her predicament, but for some reason she just couldn't bring herself to stand back up.  And so she instead began making her way between the desks on her hands and knees, knowing full well every student she went past was getting a perfect look at her bare butt.  But it was fine, she could cope... it was nothing people hadn't seen before...  

Jakirin kept making her way across the classroom, feeling the occasional brush of a leg, or sometimes even the playful touch of fingertips, against her bare body.  Meanwhile, the journey to the far end of the room, where her last scrap of clothing should be, seemed to be taking a surprisingly long time... an impossibly long time, even.  Eventually Jakirin decided to pause to take a look around, and when she did see saw, much to her surprise...

... Her panties were nowhere to be seen.  In fact, the classroom seemed to have somehow warped into an infinitely large jungle of chairs and students.  But that was impossible... it must have just been a trick of perspective.  

Still, that didn't change the fact that Jakirin couldn't help but feel she had somehow become lost.  She gave up on trying to find her panties on her own and sat down, feeling the cold classroom floor against her exposed backside.  She felt weirdly small, like a little kid lost in a big woods... except for the fact that she was a fully exposed grown woman and surrounded by naughty-minded college kids.  
"Excuse me?" she asked the legs of an adjacent student, then turning to another student, "Excuse me... I... seem to be lost..."  
One of the students got up from her desk and walked over to Jakirin.  "Aww, poor girl..." she remarked, kneeling down next to the woman and wrapping her tail around her... her forked tail...  
"It's ok, we'll take good care of you..." another student remarked...  
Something was beginning to dawn on Jakirin... they BOTH had blue skin, white tummies, and tails...  

... In fact, every single student in the classroom, and even the teacher, had blue white skin, save that one girl that was green and gold... and they all had tails, too.  

They were all kylee, like her husband!  A whole CLASSROOM full of kylee!  But... how could that be possible?  There weren't that many kylee living on Tsukaiten... were there?  

Jakirin's thought process was interrupted as more of the naughty little aliens began to crowd around Jakirin, playfully teasing and flirting with the naked woman.  Jakirin covered as best she could, but as the crowd swarmed around her she found herself beginning to rather enjoy the experience, and without even meaning to the hands that she sought to use to cover her breasts instead began playing with her nipples.  She let out a soft moan from the sensation...  

... Then woke up.  


Jakirin's eyes slowly opened.  She felt very hot and bothered.  She turned to face Kale who, she realized much to her embarrassment, was watching her.  
"Everything ok, dear?" the male kylee inquired.  
"Yeah, I'm fine..." she replied, "Just a weird dream."  
"Ok, just wanted to make sure," Kale replied, then with a slight smile added, "You seem a bit... agitated..."  
Jakirin noticed Kale's less than concerned tone.  To be fair, tactile empathy was a kylee talent, so he'd know if she was in genuine distress.  Instead, he was probably picking up on a very different emotion.  "I'm... fine," she replied with a smirk.  
"Ok, good..." Kale remarked, running a hand playfully across Jakirin's body before laying back down.  
Jakirin blushed.  She and her husband had been married for a long time, so feeling him against her naked body wasn't exactly something new, but after that dream it just felt distracting to be touched like that.  Not unpleasant, of course... more that she just felt more timid than usual.  

There was a brief pause, then Jakirin decided to inquire about something.  "I keep having the same sorts of dreams..." she remarked, "I've had them for a while, but... lately they've been getting more frequent, and more intense..."  
"About what?" Kale asked.  
"About your people..."  
"Sounds like you've got the hots for the right species, then..."  
Jakirin laughed slightly, "Well, sure, but... it's not just that... sometimes I... well, I learn things from them.  Things I'm not sure how else I'd know..."  
"Such as?" Kale inquired.  
Jakirin decided to try something from that night, "Was there ever a 'Seela' tribe?  And did they ever have a princess named 'Nally'?"  
"Mmm... I think so? " Kale replied, "The names sound familiar... yes, I think both those statements are true."  
"How would I know that, though?  I'm pretty sure I've never talked about that kind of stuff with anyone..."
"Could be intuition?  You are pretty smart..."  
"Not THAT smart..."  
"Hmm..." Kale thought.  
"What?" Jakirin replied.  
"Could be ancestral spirits."  
"What?" Jakirin turned to give Kale an odd look, she couldn't tell if he was being serious, "Don't be silly.  I mean, I have nothing against religion or believing in life after death, but there's no way they'd be contacting me and teaching me things..."  
Kale sat up and placed a hand on the amulet decorating Jakirin's chest, "Maybe not normally, but with this, yeah, they might..."  
"What, you mean the jewelry you gave me?" Jakirin was feeling flustered and teased, and it was no longer just about nudity, "How could that do any such thing?"  
"I don't know," Kale explained, "It's a family heirloom, I just know what I've been told and what I've experienced.  I hear it's more active with women than with men, though..."  
Jakirin blinked... it seemed ridiculous, but then... she still wasn't sure how she kept learning things in her sleep.  "Ok, fine, but then why are the dreams always so... well... sexually charged?" she pushed.  
"My sweet Jaki-Chama," Kale replied, smiling flirtatiously, "EVERYTHING'S sexually charged with my people..."  
Jakirin rolled her eyes.  "You're crazy," she muttered.  
"Eh... maybe you can rationalize it better in the morning..." Kale offered, half playfully, as he lay back down.  
Jakirin shook her head before cuddling up next to her husband.  She was still excited from her dream, and as she settled down she absent-mindedly stroked one of her breasts.  "Perverted elders..." she muttered, "In my dreams... such a silly idea..."  
"Creepy too..." she added, "Kale's... Kale's probably just trying to get my goat.  He likes pranks like that..."  

And yet, as she drifted off, Jakirin couldn't help but wonder if maybe it was true...  

... It was, if she was to be honest with herself, a weirdly exciting thought.
[Warning: Work contains a fictionalized portrayal of stripping/ENF/related fetishes.]  

[All characters in story are over 18.]


People who have already read Worth have already seen this amulet, but I realize I haven't really DONE much with it... 

... Well, figured it was about time to fix that and show what's up with this little gem :-p. 

To be honest, I hope to do more with actual "continuity-feeling" stuff in the future... although hopefully I'll still be able to keep my stories accessible for people who are just randomly jumping on the series, too. 

(And no, I haven't watched Rogue One yet, and the fact that I'm submitting a story featuring space-mysticism so soon after a Star Wars release is PURELY coincidental :-p.) 

[Note: In the off chance somebody wishes to use/redistribute my work, please ask permission. I'll probably grant it, depending on how you wish to use/redistribute it, why, where, and if you're willing to give proper credit. However, if I say "no," please accept it and move on.]
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ANewENFArtist Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to agree, the various aspects to dreams all fit very well. I especially can relate to the "get to point A to B... yet you never really get to B because it's impossibly far away." In general all the moments when things just shift with little explanation. Jak being so close to being aware so much but quickly wrapped up in whatever was next was also some fun tension. I could tell early on it was a dream, but didn't really make the situation too unreal for me.

In general it's a fun way to explore such an extreme situation. So exposed and without cover in such a sort of intimate situation. People all around she assumes she sees every day. Not being the one in power thanks to the teacher's presence. Presented front and center, and without escape. So many fun themes and areas explored, and safely too due to the nature of the story.

So yeah, I enjoyed the story a lot. As typical, you left me wanting more!
Divides Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks <3. 

Yeah, dreams can be hot... I'm glad I was apparently able to do the concept justice in your eyes ^_^. 
GC90210 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You described the dream state very well! That shifting and confusion feeling of a dream, nice! :)
Divides Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! 

Yeah, I worked hard trying to make the dream... well... "dream like", so I appreciate the compliment ^_^. 
GC90210 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it worked :)

ENF stories are always fun to read, but when you can really picture the panties hitting the floor, it becomes more enthralling ;)
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